The Difference

You can make a difference in a life.

We go around doing things and probably don’t even realize that we are being watched. Whether it’s with the people we meet or the animals we work with, someone is taking notice.

This was brought to my attention on Friday night.  By now I’m sure you know that I am a Christian.  I don’t stand on a soap box at the corner telling people “Repent the day of the Lord is coming”, but I try to live as a Christian should.  The young lady told me she wants to find a Christian Barn.  I’ve never heard of a “Christian Barn” before.  I know horse people, being close to, and loving Gods creation, are more spiritual.  I also know that there is a lot of drama at some barns.  I have had mothers call me and tell me they want to get their daughters out of certain barns.  Now this young lady has gotten a very good job, at a very prestigious college in Nashville, and I’m thrilled for her.  I will miss her, but she has her whole life ahead of her and it’s going in a good direction.

I don’t do anything special here other than take care of the boarders horses like they were my own.  I try to help people when I can.  Take in lost causes.  I don’t make much money, but I can sleep at night knowing I’ve done my best.

I’ve loved my lesson kids as thought they were my own grandchildren.  Even though they have moved on with their lives, moving and growing up, I still hear from them regularly. Have lunch with them when they are in town and just keep in touch by text.  They don’t sit there and send me sappy cards, but they tell me in their actions and sometimes words that I have made a difference in their lives.

Yes I may help horses work through their issues, both physical and emotional, but I have also found that I’ve helped these young people find a better way and a better life.  This is done without a thought or sometimes, not even noticing it.

Whether we are instructing or just going about our everyday routine, we are making a difference in someone, or some animals life.

Know that to be true.  You may never know it, but it’s really happening.  Be the best person you can be, because someone is always watching.

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One thought on “The Difference

  1. Karen

    I really appreciated your blog today. Our lives are our witness. 1Cor. 15:47


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