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We have always specialized in the senior horse, and still do.  It all started with Diane’s first horse Lady in the 1960’s, who lived to be 36.  It then became an obsession to see how long she could actually keep them healthy and happy.  Another friend had an old horse and they would toss ideas back and forth about special care and needs.  That friend was Dr. Sara Ralston who created the first senior feed at Rutgers University.

Many have lived to be 36, but we still strive for older.

Our horses give us everything they have, sometimes risking their own lives to keep us safe and successful in whatever we ask them to do.  We feel they deserve our best to see them through in their retirement years, loving care has been given to numerous horses over the last fifty years, and in return they have given us experience, and knowledge of the special attention needed for the older horse.  Each one that has crossed the Rainbow Bridge did so with much love, care, and dignity.  They have all touched our lives with their unique personalities, leaving us with fond memories.  Saying good bye is always bitter sweet, and never gets any easier.

Horse Riding Lessons - Carousel Farm Trilby

Riding Lessons by Diane

Diane started her teaching career at Clove Lake Stables in Staten Island, New York in 1963, where she found her passion for teaching children to love and care for horses.  Working with adults to overcome fear also became a special interest of hers.  Moving away from the Calvary style of riding she began to expand her knowledge with the introduction of the new techniques by George Morris.  Taking students to shows and showing horses for other people, both English and Western, occupied most of the 1970’s.  Then in the early 80’s her dream of Fox Hunting became a reality.  Joining Hidden Hollow Hounds was the most important turning point of her riding career.  She became a Whipper-in along with her husband Bob.  Hunting the hounds when the Huntsman was out of town gave her a new appreciation of how hard it truly was.  They also joined Monmouth County Hunt for several years before moving to Florida.

Preparing to move to another state, Diane decided to become certified by the American Riding Instructors Association in 1998.  She certified in English and Western, and five years later, when it was offered, in Fox Hunting.  Believing so much in what the Association stands for, with regards to knowledge and safety, she continues her membership today.

Bob and Maggie - Riding - Trilby - Florida

Bob and Maggie Leading the Field

Once in Florida Bob and Diane joined South Creek Foxhounds where Diane once again became a Whipper-in and Hunt Secretary and Bob became Field Master of the Second Flight Non-Jumping Field.  They both served for many years.

At Carousel Farm people are not only taught to ride, but they learn how to read and understand their horse’s moods, personalities and body language.  Anyone can teach you how to sit on a horse and look pretty, but we want you to get in touch with your inner spirit along with Gods beautiful creation, the horse.  You learn to connect and become a team.

We also incorporate in our lessons, all the care that goes along with owning a horse.


Diane’s philosophy when she certified still holds true today – “Teach what you’ve learned and one less horse will suffer from ignorance” and now she has added “and never stop learning.”

Join us at Carousel Farm Trilby.


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