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Riding Lessons by Diane

By appointment only

Safety Is Our Main Concern, then enjoyment comes easy

$50.00 per Riding Lesson – time spent is relative to what you are learning that particular lesson and how much you successfully accomplish.

We suggest you learn the basic fundamentals of English riding first and then proceed to any discipline you choose.  There is no difference between a proper English or Western rider, just the type of saddle you choose.  A good rider can ride anything.

  • Lesson includes safe handling of your horse
  • Riding
  • How to properly clean and care for your horse
  •         Recognizing and taking care of your horse health concerns
  • How to tack up your horse and care for your equipment
  •         Use and proper fit of your equipment
  •         Learning to understand your horses fight or flight instinct
  •         Learning the proper communication between horse and rider
  •         Learning to recognize your horses moods, personality, and body language
  •         Becoming a partner with your horse, not just a passenger
  • We will teach you everything you need to know to become a safe, effective horseman/woman

Training of Horse and Rider is available, call for details

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