The Old Grey Mare………

“The Old Grey Mare, She Ain’t What She Used To Be.”  A cute old song I remember from my childhood.  To me, it was like “Old Mac Donald.”  Something you sang for fun but really didn’t relate too.  Now that I’m the “Old Grey Mare”, it’s taken on a whole new meaning.  The funny thing is I can’t remember the whole song.

What I do know is that there are a lot of horse people my age, who really believe, that their riding years are behind them.  That their bodies can’t do it anymore, and that they need to sit on the sidelines and just watch and remember the “Good Ole Days.”

I’ve been communicating with a person, the last couple of days, who is in this category.  Went to a site on Facebook for a reason I can’t remember, and came across an ad for a Horse For Sale.  Well I was looking for a horse so I read the ad.  It was for an 18 yr. old TB Gelding, the girl was going off to college.  Well I really wasn’t interested in a Thoroughbred, but the age sounded good.  My friend is in her 60’s, doesn’t want to jump anymore.  Just wants to do flat work, trail ride, groom, bathe, and have a horse to love on.  She had come to me to try and take a lesson, feeling that her body couldn’t do it anymore, but something in the back of her mind told her to try.  (I’m sure I told you all about this before)  She called me to cancel because she didn’t feel like she could do it.  I told her to come and just brush a horse.  She did and she has been riding ever since.  It’s been a couple of years now.  She’s now ready to get her own horse to love on.

So I replied to the ad.  Explained the age and experience of the person the horse would be for, and what she wanted from the horse she was going to buy.  The girl was really interested in my friend taking the horse, but the person I was dealing with was not the actual owner of  the horse, this woman had just posted the ad for the girl.  She explained that she was a little older than my friend and was interested in the fact that she was going back into horses at her age.

We’ve been communicating back and forth the last couple of days.  She says that she likes my attitude.  I simply just told her that our minds have a different outlook on our ability to ride again, than our hearts.  Our minds tell us that we are too old, that our bodies can’t handle it anymore.  We could get hurt.  Yes we could, we always could, but when we were younger we bounced a little better.  I explained to her that we still can ride, but we have to make some adjustments to accommodate our age and worn out body parts.  Sometimes all we really need is a lawn ornament to brush and tell our troubles to.  There are a lot of older horses out there that need homes and attention, but can’t do what they used to do either.

If horses are a part of your heart, don’t give into the idea that you are too old.  That those days are behind you.  Yes our wild, crazy days maybe behind us, but there is so much more to riding and loving horses than what we remember.  It’s not about having the horse that can jump the highest, gallop the fastest, turn the barrel the quickest.  It’s about the feeling of being on something that’s more powerful, more alive than we are.  It’s about the love, and communication between human and a majestic animal that God had created.  “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”  Winston S. Churchill

We used to want the latest style on clothes, the hottest shoes, the fastest car.  Now we want to wear things that are comfortable, and drive a car that is safe.  It’s the same with horses.  We want something safe, and sane.  He doesn’t have to be the picture perfect example of equine flesh.  No matter what he/she looks like, if they are happy to see us and share our deepest thoughts, that’s the horse we want.  If we can go for a trail ride safely, or just walk around in a circle just to keep our (both horse and human) arthritis at bay, that’s the horse for me.  If they just want to share a carrot and just hang out and watch the sunset, what more can you ask for.

You’re never too old to own a horse, just maybe to old to do what you used to do.  It’s not right or wrong, it’s just different.  Find a companion that wants to do the same things you want to, or are able to do.

When I was a kid my instructor used to say when we were jumping –  “Throw your heart over the fence first, and your body will follow.”  It’s not our bodies that keep us from horses, it’s our minds.  Satisfy your hearts desire and the mind will follow.  Just make the right choice in a horse.  Like I used to tell my lesson kids, “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find that prince.”

We all are approaching Midnight.  The clock will eventually strike twelve, but until it does, put on your glass slipper and “Dance” like no one is watching.  Listen to your heart and body, the mind will follow.

By the way, the woman is coming on Monday to get back on a horse, she’s 78 yrs. young and just wants to have that feeling one more time.

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2 thoughts on “The Old Grey Mare………

  1. waylons southern thunderr ranch

    Love your message maam never to old to cowboy up, god bless smoky

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you, your message gave me chills. God Bless You.


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